Why I dress like the Bohemian Dress

I feel like a Bohemians dress when I’m feeling bohemian.The way I dress is the way I feel, and that’s why I feel the way it is.I can’t change it.I don’t know if it makes sense to me, but it makes perfect sense to people who know me, like myself, or people who’ve met me.It […]

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How to get rid of ranch dressing from your dishwasher

The US food industry is getting a little less green.According to an investigation by Food Safety News, the majority of US households are using more ranch dressing and less water.As a result, the use of more ranch, including ranch dressing, has increased.In 2014, there were around 8 million servings of ranch in the US.The average […]

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How to dress for the Blue Wedding dress

It’s time to go Blue, but with a little bit of a twist!Whether you’re just getting ready for your Blue Wedding or planning a grandiose Blue Wedding party, these little-girl dress options are sure to please!Whether it’s a simple blue-and-white dress with simple, cute bows, a simple dress with a sparkly, fun bow, or a […]

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Which is the best grey dressers?

The best grey dressingers for men and women have been compiled by the Delhi-based luxury website Grey dressers.The list features two models and is based on the feedback of over a million users.The top-scoring grey dressER model is the ‘Camel’ grey dressERS, which are priced at Rs 7,000.The ‘Carnival’ grey dressingER models are priced between […]

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3 of 5 modern wedding dress ideas for 2017

Modern wedding dress trends have changed quite a bit in 2017.As the traditional bridesmaid dress, the wedding dress is back, and it’s the dress that’s been in the forefront of fashion for a while.A bride in her 30s can be seen wearing a blouse that is a bit too low cut, while the younger bride […]

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