Why I wore white dresser for the wedding

In our modern world, there’s a whole other set of issues that we’re faced with.The fact that we wear white, for example, means that the world has a different expectation of what we’re supposed to wear.We’re supposed, in a world where we wear more colors and patterns, to wear a white dress.White is a symbol […]

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Why you should buy a russian dress

It’s the summer and you’ve got a few hundred dollars to spend.The only way to cover all your basic needs is to spend some extra cash on a russet dress.The internet, the latest tech and the latest trends are all at your disposal, so why not buy one of these stylish dresses?Here are some of […]

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Which is better? Gold or blue?

In a new study, a team of scientists has found which is better: gold or blue.Their findings, published in the journal Science Advances, suggest that people will choose the former based on a “lack of stigma” about the colour.They also suggest that “gold may be perceived as a superior material” and “blue may be associated […]

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When Will The Summer of Love End?

When Summer of love is over, the summer is done and dusted.But there are still things to come.From your favorite movie characters to new fashion trends to a love story, there’s something for everyone.We have everything you need to know.Enjoy the rest of the season as we look back on all the biggest moments of […]

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How did our world evolve? 1,300 years ago

By now, you’re probably aware that scientists have found that life on Earth began around 2.5 billion years ago, or roughly when the asteroid that sent us into space crashed into the planet.But what does that mean for life on the planet today?The answer is surprisingly simple: life began billions of years ago.And it’s only […]

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