How to dress for a festive event

When the holiday season rolls around, many of us look forward to a festive day.However, when it comes to the perfect Christmas dress, you may have to do a little research.You may want to start with the dress you already own and then shop around.We know it can be tough to find the perfect holiday […]

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Can’t wait to see my favorite dresses in 2019

Are you looking forward to seeing your favorite summer dresses in the fall?We think so, too!We’ve put together a list of the best summer dresses available in 2019 that you can dress up or down for any occasion.If you’re looking for something a little more formal, a little bolder, or a little less glamorous, there […]

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How to build a closet of books in minutes

5-year-old Kate has started making her own books, which are now hanging in the closet at home.“I’m really excited to try out these things,” she said.She loves the way they look and read.“There’s not a lot of books around that you can actually pick up and start reading,” she explained.They bought a small one-person bookstand, […]

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5 things to know about the new collection from China

This summer maxis collection is definitely worth a try.It’s the best collection we’ve ever seen from China and there’s not a single model in it that’s not worth a few hundred dollars.Here are five things to look out for in this collection, and some of the best-looking models of all time. Summer Maxi Dress $75 + $25 (shipped to […]

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4 ways to dress to impress the ladies

The dress shoes of the future are now a thing of the past, as we can expect to see more and more companies offering shoes that are actually suitable for the job they’re doing.In fact, there are now more women working in footwear than men, which is quite surprising considering the role women play in […]

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When I Was A Teen: Tie Dye Dress

I was a kid, and one day, I saw a tie dye gown at the mall. It was a little dress that was so pretty.I was a princess and I wanted to wear it.Then, a few months later, I got married and my sister got pregnant.It was time to put the dress back on.So, I bought […]

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