Black lace dress socks and a baby girl skirt are on sale for $25.95 at Nordstrom, according to a listing on the retailer’s site.

The socks are the same ones that came in the Black lace Black and White collection that Nordstrom introduced in February. 

The black lace dress will also be available in black, navy, brown, green, white, and grey, according the listing. 

There are also white, black, and brown baby girl skirts for $20.99 at Nordquist, and black baby girl panties for $15.99.

The Nordstrom listing says that these baby girl dresses are available in a variety of colors, but there are no details on what they’ll be made of.

There’s also no word on when the black lace and baby girl socks will be available.

The baby girl pants have a matching dress that is available in different colors, and they will be $28.99 for a pair. 

 The baby boy pants have an oversized black pants and a matching skirt, and will be priced at $32.99 in black and $32 in navy. 

Both Black and Black and Gold lace baby girl shoes will be in stock for $21.99, and there are also black and Gold baby boy shoes for $19.99 on the website.