It’s a question that is frequently asked by women seeking to impress their friends and family, but it’s also an issue that is often overlooked in discussions of the modern fashion trend.

A study conducted by The Hindu recently shed light on this trend, and it is clear that many women feel that their sparkly dresses and dresses with a sparkle are a luxury item, not a fashion statement.

“A sparkly outfit is a piece of clothing which can be worn with confidence, as it will always look stylish,” said Dr Ashish Kumar, who heads the department of gender and social justice at the Centre for Social Research and Development (CSRSD).

“But women are often not aware that their attire is not just a fashion accessory but a statement.

It can be a piece that is comfortable, a piece which compliments your appearance and can look beautiful in a way that it doesn’t look ostentatious,” he added.

Dr Kumar’s research has found that women feel they can afford sparkly gowns and dresses and that they have a tendency to buy them for their friends or family members.

“There is a huge gap between women’s awareness of sparkly and their awareness of fashion,” he said.

“Women’s perception of sparkle is very low.

The reason is because it is often a statement which is very masculine, so men can wear it without having to be bothered about what the women wear,” he explained.

Dr Singh also pointed out that while women may not realise they are wearing sparkly clothing, they may think that it is a way to make money or a status symbol.

“They may think, ‘I am making a statement about my look and I am making it to impress my friends, and I would wear sparkly clothes to make a statement to the people around me.

But it is really just an advertisement for the women I know,'” he said, adding that women often believe they are not doing anything wrong.”

This is something that has to change,” he advised.

A new trend is springing up in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra state, which is also known for its romantic and romantic culture, according to Dr Singh.

He said the fashion trend has taken off in the city, which has a large number of singles and couples.

“We are seeing people who are looking for sparkly style and are looking at the same time for a date or to have a relationship with a new person,” he noted.

Dr Shankar Singh, a clinical professor of clinical psychology at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, who researches gender, social and emotional issues, said that the popularity of sparky dress is linked to the growing number of single women.

“It is a new trend that people are talking about, and so people are very excited about it,” he told The Hindu.

“When I started researching this I thought it was really interesting and interesting to look at the rise in this trend and see if I could figure out how to address this issue,” he elaborated.

Dr Vijayakumar Sharma, a sociologist at the Institute of Social Research at the University of Kerala, also agreed that the trend is rising in Mumbai.

“I think that the fashion trends in Mumbai have increased a lot in recent years,” he admitted.

“People are finding out that they can wear sparkles without worrying about whether or not they are going to look trendy or ostentate.

They are looking to be trendy and fashionable.”

Dr Sharma’s research also showed that the phenomenon is being influenced by the trend of social media.

“People are using social media to connect with each other and share their love for sparkles,” he pointed out.

The popularity of the sparkly trend is also connected to a change in how women perceive the way they look in the public eye.

Dr Sharma said that when women go out in public, they are often seen in a more glamorous and “feminine” way, and are also perceived to be more socially conscious.

“Most people are used to seeing a woman as an equal to the men, who are often portrayed as the dominant gender.

But when you look at women in a modern society, their roles have changed,” he observed.”

As a society, we are very aware of the way we look, and this is one of the reasons why we are finding that women’s roles are changing,” he continued.

“The men have to do more to show off their manliness, which they are doing by wearing sparkles and fancy dresses, whereas the women are doing this by wearing their sparkles in a relaxed way.”