I just got a dress at dilland, and the price was only $20!

I thought it would be better if I was going to get it online, but I’ve had this store for two years now and they always seem to be stocked up.

They have a huge selection of dress codes, so I went ahead and ordered online.

The dress was $25.00 and I figured that would work out, but it turned out that I was wrong!

They had a $15 dress code for a dress that I couldn’t get in person, and they didn’t have a dress code in the size I needed for a size XS.

They said I would get the wrong size.

Luckily, I had a friend with a size 9 dress that was going for me so I got the wrong one, and I was able to get the dress for $15.00 from them!

Now, I’m upset that I have to deal with this!

I’m hoping to return the dress, but if it’s not for the wrong dress, I won’t even bother buying another dress from them.