The best part of christmas is the time we spend together, and the best part about going to the mall is the clothes you wear.

However, when it comes to dressing up for the occasion, it’s more about the look and feel of the season.

We’ve rounded up the best of the best for you to pick out, with some of our favourite styles for a festive look.1.

Pinafore Dress – This festive-themed dress from Pinafore is a perfect fit for the season, perfect for a holiday or a weekend out.

The pleated bodice is topped with a fitted bodice hem and pleated skirt with a waistband and a sheer front, plus an elastic waistband at the hem.

A short slip corset is also included.

The skirt is made from a cotton-blend fabric, with a stretchy lace hem and waistband, with pleated back panels at the front and at the back.2.

Christmas Dress – Another Christmas-themed design from Pino, this Christmas dress is perfect for an autumn or winter-inspired look.

It has a simple back and front, with floral detailing.

The bodice has a pleated hem and a fitted back panel, and pleats at the waist and in the back along the bodice.

The hemline is trimmed with lace, and a stretch lace overlay gives it a bit of a modern flair.

The dress is made of cotton, and has a low-rise back, so you can wear it in a number of ways.3.

Pomegranate Dress – A perfect way to celebrate Christmas for anyone who likes to party, this pomegranated dress from Vans is a festive take on the classic pout.

It’s a simple, low-cut dress with a flared bodice and skirt, a flared hemline and pleat at the neckline and in back.

It features a simple lace overlay.

The neckline has a cutout at the shoulder, and is sewn in.

The waist is gathered with a lace detail and pleating at the hips.

The back has a fitted, low cut waist, with an elastic hem.4.

Christmas Lace Dress – One of the most popular Christmas-inspired designs from Vamp, this lace dress from the brand features a floral pattern on the back, bodice, skirt and hem.

It also has a lace overlay at the midsection, and in-line pleating in the bodices.

It is a low rise dress with lace detailing at the knee, and it’s sewn on a cotton material.5.

Christmas Sweater – This warm and fuzzy sweater from the French company Fauve is a classic Christmas classic, and perfect for any occasion.

It comes in a variety of colours and patterns, and features a plunging neckline, a plungling bodice with a plung, and an adjustable hem.

The collar has a cuffed front and a collar petticoat.6.

Easter Dress – The best way to go for the Easter season is with a festive, stylish dress.

The classic Easter gown is made up of a lace, pleated waistband with a pleating hem and elastic waist.

It includes a back bodice that has a waist-length skirt.

The top of the dress has a long, sheer back, with elastic details.7.

Pom pom Dress – Pom pom dresses are the perfect summer look for the fall, and this pom pome is one of the trendiest pom dress options on the market.

The design is made out of lace, with sheer bodice detailing at both sides, and elastic details in the waist.

The floral print on the bodysuit is also a lovely touch.

It even has an elastic band around the waistband to make it more fitted.8.

Cherry Blossom Dress – It’s easy to dress up with this lovely pink flower dress from Cascadia, which features a pleat and waist band at the top and a bodice on the bottom.

It makes a lovely summer dress to wear for an afternoon on the town or a stroll on the beach.9.

Honeycomb Dress – We love the idea of a festive dress with honeycomb motifs, so this hollycomb dress from J.

Crew is perfect if you’re looking for something that is classic but has a little something extra.

The sheer bodyside of the gown has a mesh trim that gives it that honeycomb effect.

The front has a floral design on the front hemline, and at least one side has an in-lined hem.10.

Velvet Dress – Not all dresses are festive, and not all of them are elegant.

This vintage-inspired dress from Saks is a simple but stylish choice for the holidays.

It doesn’t have the fancy lace detail, but it does have a pleatoide, a lace edging and a lace panel at the