If you want to wear a white dress to the White House correspondents dinner party on Thursday, you’re going to need to know some of the rules and dress codes that will be in place, because the president has just announced the following rules for that evening:1.

White dress should be the primary style of attire.2.

Dress must be clean and neat, with no visible jewelry, accessories, or other accessories.3.

No makeup, make-up, or concealer.4.

No earrings or earrings on ears, as that could distract from the decor.5.

No jewelry or other items that could be mistaken for a necklace or earring.6.

No white gloves or shoes that are too small to cover the face of the wearer.7.

No oversized shoes that can easily slide into the shoe holder.8.

No hooded hats or masks.9.

No head coverings over the eyes or ears.10.

No facial hair.11.

No face masks.12.

No handbags or bags that will conceal the identity of the person holding them.13.

No purses that cover the hands or face.14.

No belts, bracelets, or any other jewelry.15.

No sunglasses or any visible lens.16.

No hats that can be easily mistaken for earrings.17.

No masks.18.

No necklaces that can conceal the face.19.

No clothing with a name tag or other identifying number on it.20.

No hair accessories that are visible to the wearer other than earrings and earrings only.21.

No tattoos.22.

No body paint or any reflective material.23.

No signs or symbols on the front or back of clothing.24.

No large, bulky, or heavy clothing or accessories.25.

No high heels, and no jewelry with sharp edges or points.26.

No excessive earrings that can distract from other guests’ attention.27.

No inappropriate clothing, shoes, or jewelry on the back of a person’s neck.28.

No shoes with metal toe-holds or clips.29.

No alcohol or other intoxicating beverages.30.

No fireworks, or firecrackers, or fireworks of any kind that emit smoke, fire, or sparks.31.

No loud music or music that has an obscene theme.32.

No dancing, cheering, or cheering noises.33.

No yelling or singing.34.

No singing or dancing in a loud or distracting way.35.

No wearing masks.36.

No music playing while a president is in the Whitehouse.37.

No using profanity or using vulgar language in public.38.

No use of the phrase “The buck stops here.”39.

No smoking or other substances.40.

No carrying a firearm.41.

No touching a child under the age of 18.42.

No holding a gun while the president is wearing a suit or tie.43.

No displaying an explosive device.44.

No being caught wearing a mask.45.

No eating or drinking in public without a mask on.46.

No drinking in front of a group of children under the 18th grade.47.

No riding a bike while carrying a weapon in public, or while wearing a helmet.48.

No participating in a “Trump” rally or event that has a flag, logo, or a flag of another country or political party.49.

No playing musical instruments or using a portable music player, such as a portable MP3 player.50.

No posting signs on buildings or other public spaces to demand that people do not wear clothing or other objects.51.

No political or religious expression that interferes with a person, place, or event, or that causes a disruption to a public gathering.52.

No public display of any political campaign signs.53.

No throwing stones or other projectiles in the street.54.

No distributing leaflets.55.

No shouting or singing at a public event.56.

No hanging a political sign, banner, or flag on any public building.57.

No photographing a government official or government employee without the government official’s permission.58.

No engaging in any political or other demonstration that is contrary to the public interest.59.

No showing the face or body of any government official, employee, or official representative, including but not limited to the president.60.

No filming a parade, rally, or election rally that is not sanctioned by the government.61.

No broadcasting on the public airwaves.62.

No burning any flags, banners, or symbols that have been damaged or defaced.63.

No chanting, shouting, or singing in public at a protest.64.

No photography or recording in any public space that is unlawful.65.

No any of the following:a.

Unauthorized use of public funds, including, but not necessarily limited to, funds for veterans, the elderly, disabled, and children.b.

Using taxpayer funds for political purposes.c