This is one of those posts I am constantly asking myself, “what the heck is this?”

It’s one of the posts that I want to write as soon as I have a couple of days off.

I’m starting to realize that it’s a question I can’t answer right now. 

A few weeks ago I had a little break, so I thought I’d check in with you guys about what I’ve been up to lately and see what you guys think of my new, slightly more casual dress.

It’s pretty standard dress for a bridesday. 

French dressing: What are the differences?

Well, I have been wearing dresses that are pretty standard for my size, but this time, I decided to try something a little different and have something that is a little more interesting. 

Here is what I wore for my wedding reception: My dress was a beautiful black prom dress, and it was my favorite dress of the reception. 

What I was looking for in a bridal gown was something that would be comfortable and comfortable for me, so for this wedding, I was really looking for something that was a little bit off the beaten path and I wanted something that wasn’t just another dress.

It was pretty much a black dress with a white bodice.

The dress is a bit more colorful than usual for a French wedding, but it’s still quite standard for me.

I love how it looks in my photos, especially the red and white, which adds a little sparkle to the color.

What are some of your favorite bridesdays?

Do you think you can wear something more interesting this time around?