When it comes to dress for the holidays, there are few things as important as your hair.

And no matter where you live, it can make or break the holiday season for you. 

When you’re in the mood for a party or holiday, it’s important to make sure you have a good idea of what type of look you’ll need for your loved ones. 

“We’re going to need a little bit of gray, a little of a red, a bit of gold and a little black,” says Samantha Petersen, a personal stylist at the Lakeside Spa. 

Pete Carson, owner of The Spa at Lakeland and Dorothy Pines in Lakeport, in Orlando, FL, also recommends the use of a black dress for most occasions.

“It’s a bit more casual, it’ll be more casual and it’ll give you more versatility,” says Carson.

“A lot of times people don’t want to have to dress up.”

Carson adds, however, that you’ll probably have to go with a “bluish black, a red one or a white one.”

“A lot people think, ‘Oh, it just looks too much like a dress,'” says Cameron Fisher, owner of Tasty Pines at Lakefield in Jacksonville, FL.

“But, really, you don’t need to dress it down too much, and you don