The latest design for a four-piece kitchen appliance is getting a makeover, and it’s going to cost you $9,999.

That’s according to a brand-new ad for the new 5.5-pound, 4-in-1, 8-drawer dresser from KitchenAid.

The company said the new appliance, the KitchenAid KitchenAid S5, is the first in its line of affordable modern dressers, with a built-in drawer that lets you adjust the height and the drawer width.

The S5’s built-to-order model, priced at $999.99, will be available in February.

The KitchenAid product page says the new S5 will feature “a built-from-scratch design” with the help of “a proprietary design element called a ‘drawer’ to help make adjustments easier.”

Weighing just over 8 pounds, the new device can fit up to five people in a single bed or even two.

Weigh it down and you’ll have room for two more people, or four if you have room in your bedroom.

It’s a little larger than a normal kitchen counter, so it’s ideal for smaller kitchens or a bedside table.

It’ll also have a built in countertop, which will help make it more compact and lightweight.

The new design is a bit different than the previous version, which had a smaller drawers and the ability to adjust the size and shape of the drawer.

The original version was built with the intention of being a one-off piece.

The brand says the S5 can fit two people comfortably, with room for five more.

There’s also a built built-out storage drawer for your laptop or other electronics, which is useful if you keep your gadgets in your bedside drawer.

If you want a larger storage space, you’ll be able to add another drawer underneath the S. The design of the new version, however, is designed for a one person to one person configuration, with two additional rows of drawers.

The dimensions are slightly different, but the two-row design is similar to the ones in the S4 and S5.

The 4-pound version is also thinner, so the height of the device can be adjusted.

If the drawer doesn’t fit well in the middle, the device will fold up to fit under the couch.

The smaller 4-lb version is the one we’re most excited about.

We’d love to see the new design in a kitchen appliance, but if the company is able to squeeze it into our kitchen in time for the holidays, we’d love for it to become a regular part of our lives.

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