The latest trend in wedding dresses has been the “ruched” dress, which is a bridal dress that is already damaged by use.

The dress can be damaged due to its weight and shape, as well as the amount of time it has been worn.

“It’s a bad idea to buy a bridesmaid dress that’s already damaged because you might end up with one that’s just ragged,” says Michelle Loh, who is selling dresses at her boutique in St Helens.

“I’ve bought a wedding dress with just a few pieces of fabric torn off, which has turned into an old, ragged dress, and then it’s gone and been ripped into pieces,” she says.

“So when you’re going to wear it again, the raggedness is going to show.”

It’s also important to be aware of the dress’ construction, which can make it prone to breakage.

“There are things like the lace, the back, the shoulders, the neck, and the sides that can cause problems,” says Loh.

For a wedding that requires more than one dress, Loh recommends ordering from a reputable supplier.

“If you go to a brisque, you’re basically ordering one dress that has a certain pattern, size and color, and it’s going to be more durable than if you went to a shop that’s only selling one dress,” she advises.

But if you’re looking for something that’s going the way of a ragged-out dress, it’s time to consider buying from an online retailer, says Loth.

“When I bought a dress, I didn’t know what the quality was going to look like.

I was going through a lot of research about how to make it myself,” she explains.”

As soon as I got the dress, you can tell it’s a quality product, and that’s what you’re buying.”