The Fashion Week 2016 season is here, and we’re just getting started!

We’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive sneak peek at what’s to come in the first wave of Fashion Week exclusives.

First up: the premiere of a new exclusive dress from our friends at the Luxe Collection!

This gown from The Luxe collection features the brand’s signature rose gold embellishment and a floral pattern.

The gown is available for purchase starting at $1,995.

The other new fashion trend we’re excited to see on the runway this summer is the all-over lace pattern.

For a little more of a summer-inspired look, we’ve got a lace gown by the same name for $1 and the Luxemens Flaunt Aesthetic Collection which features all-new lace appliqué details and a lace silhouette that’s made from an array of yarns and lace.

While it might not seem like it at first, we think the lace pattern is one of the coolest things to come out of the new season.

And don’t worry, you can still get the flaunt Aesthetics Collection, which includes all-natural lace appliques, a matching belt, and a cute lace dress.

Check out our full look at the latest season of Fashion at the link below.

For more exclusive looks, be sure to check out the full-size collection of The Luxen collection.