A 15-year-old girl in a skirt and dress with her family and friends at a party in the Garden State, New Jersey, is trying to make an impact on her community by sharing her dress code.

Cheryl Pritchett and her friends were invited to a party on December 18 by the local school district, and the school district is planning a dress code change for the group.

She is trying her hardest to get her friends involved in the process.

Pritchent’s parents and siblings have been a little hesitant about sharing their daughter’s dresscode, since the teenager does not usually wear skirts or dresses in public.

The Pritches don’t want to make the family feel unwelcome, so they’ve been encouraging their friends to dress for their daughters.

Pretoria, Georgia, is a town that is known for its many traditions.

Pritchet says it’s important for her to share the dress code with her friends, who are not accustomed to dressing as young as she is.

“They feel like they have to wear a dress, and they want to dress like their peers,” Pritchel said.

“They want to be seen as young people.”

When Pritcher’s parents were at the party, Pritchell and her mother were wearing skirts and dresses.

“I think it’s very important to share what’s important,” Prischett said.

Prischettes mom, Michelle, says her daughter was “lucky” to have such a supportive and supportive family.

Michelle Pritchts mom says the dress codes were easy for her daughter to learn to wear, and she didn’t feel pressured.

Pitcairn, New Zealand is known as a place of peace and harmony.

It is also known for the number of suicides and homicides that have occurred there.

Pieter Pritchen and her daughter, Jessica, were at a New Zealand school when they were asked to attend a Christmas party, but the girls were nervous about wearing anything at that time of year.

Jessica Pritchin said she was nervous about the dress they were wearing.

“It was like a dress rehearsal.

I don’t really know what to wear,” she said.

The school district has been sending out invitations for the school to help make the change, but so far, only a handful of girls have responded.

Prischell hopes the school will be able to make a difference in the community, and that other schools will help them with their dress code requests.

“The school has done a great job of supporting me in my dress code and I think this is something that could benefit everyone, not just girls, because it’s a big issue for them,” Pritch said.

For PritChett, the dress is a simple way to represent her friends as young adults who are trying to be a part of society.

“You don’t have to dress as young,” she added.

“It’s very easy to get in touch with your friends, and show them that you care about them.”