If you’re in a rush to dress your baby girl for a wedding, there’s a good chance she’ll want to wear the princess dress, too.

There’s nothing like that moment when she looks up at the sky and sees the big blue gown on the floor.

It’s like she’s seeing the first time she’s ever been crowned a princess, and she wants to make sure her family and friends are safe.

Here are 20 of our favorite princess wedding dresses for girls.1.

Princess Wedding Dresses in the MoodFor a princess wedding dress that’s all about the bride, this white dress is a great place to start.

It looks just as beautiful when she’s sitting at home or lounging in a rocking chair with a book, or when she sits on the porch with the rest of her family.2.

The Princess Wedding Bridesmaid Dress This white dress with lace trim is perfect for any wedding, whether you’re looking for a dress that suits your sweetheart’s style, or for a classy look for the whole family.3.

Princess Bride Dress A Princess Bride Wedding Dress With a rose-colored gown, this princess wedding gown is perfect.

It features a white satin bodice with a rose motif and a white lace-up front and back.4.

Princess Hairdress With the Princess Bride Bride Dress, the princess hairdress has the same luxurious look as the white dress.

This Princess Bride Hairdress has a white skirt with a satin back and is embellished with a soft rosewood shawl.5.

Princess Dress in White This princess weddingdress has just the right amount of lace and a sparkly, sparkly dress.

It has the perfect color for a summer day and the perfect amount of sparkle to create a little bit of drama.6.

Princess Party Dress For a party, this pink dress has everything you need for a glamorous party!

The princess party dress has a red lace overlay on the bodice, and a red satin lace overlay at the neckline.7.

Princess Baby Dresses For baby girls, this royal-themed baby dress is perfect!

It features the perfect cut for the bust, and the princess baby dress features a satiny back with a white shawlen skirt.8.

Princess Dresses for a Wedding Wedding with A Dessert Dress This beautiful pink princess dress is sure to wow your guests.

The royal-inspired bodice and the satin skirt are perfect for a princess baby, and it has a satine back.9.

Princess Tuxedo With the princess tiara and the red lace appliqué, this tuxedo looks perfect.

The red lace accents are perfect with the white lace applique on the skirt.10.

Princess and Her Princess Bride Brides Maid Dress For the wedding of a princess and her bride, you’ll want the perfect princess wedding attire.

The princess dress has the right length, the perfect fit, and has the proper sparkle.11.

Princess Shower Dress For when you want a little romance to add to your princess wedding, this baby shower dress has just a little more style.

The black lace-back has a pink bodice.12.

Princess Flower Dress A princess flower dress is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new family member.

It comes with a red rose and satin bows, and is a gorgeous accessory for any occasion.13.

Princess Valentine’s Dress For Valentine’s Day, this beautiful princess wedding wedding dress looks stunning on the bride.

The lace back and rose-red floral print will make your eyes pop.14.

Princess Bridal Dress With the rose-and-white flower design, this flower wedding dress is timeless.

The rose appliqués and red lace accent create a sparkle, and there’s plenty of sparkles in the bodices.15.

Princess Holiday Dress This princess holiday dress is just the way to go!

It’s the perfect size for a newborn, and all the accessories are the perfect blend of cute and classy.16.

Princess Christmas Dress A cute and festive princess wedding gift, this cute princess Christmas dress is all about style and comfort.

It includes the perfect sparkle and color.17.

The Duchess of Sussex Bridal Wedding Dress For bridesmaids, this adorable and stylish Duchess of Shoreland wedding dress will get the kids smiling.

It also features a red tulle bodice for the bride and satins in the skirt for the brides family.18.

The Dutchess of Wandsworth Bridal Brides Wedding Dress This cute and stylish Dutches of Wotsworth wedding dress features the white tulle skirt, red lace on the lace back, and red satins at the back.19.

Duchess of Cornwall Wedding Dress A stylish Duchess wedding dress for brides maids.

The tulle satin is paired with a light pink lace overlay.20. Princess