A South African teenager who posed as a man and dressed as his girlfriend to look like a green uniform for a video game tournament has won the dress and accessories contest.

The 17-year-old student dressed as the teenage girlfriend of a friend and used his fake name to win a dress, a shirt and bracelet from the online clothing retailer, H&M.

“I’m very proud to have won this competition,” he said.

The student used a black wig and fake teeth to imitate the real-life girlfriend, who he called “Ms K”.

“I think that she was very proud of herself.

She did it to try and win the prize,” he told the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SBS).

He said he had no idea how many people he had fooled.

“But I have never been one of those guys who does things to get attention,” he added.

“You don’t do it to get people’s attention.”

The student, who is a member of the National Youth Movement, said he hoped to use his winnings to help other students in the future.

“My life has been a complete mess.

I’ve had to go back to school, and I’ve lost my job, and now I’m a complete, total mess,” he admitted.”

It’s been a really hard time.”

H&M has been criticised for what some say is a lack of professionalism in the way it handles its online business.

“People like this need to get their heads down, get to work, put their hard work in, and not get distracted by their own ego,” said H&N’s CEO, Paul Hirsch.

“In fact, it’s the opposite.”