It’s a hot summer in Vancouver and the city is buzzing with activity.

But what if you want to look the part?

A few tips from Vancouver residents to keep your hair and makeup looking your best.1.

Go barefoot2.

Make sure your head is covered with a hat or scarf3.

Make your makeup last longerIf you’re worried about getting a hot streak in your hair or makeup, the city’s weather bureau recommends you dress down.

“You want to wear light, loose-fitting clothing and don’t overdo it,” says Lisa St. John, the bureau’s director of weather.

Wear a hat and scarf in the heat and don an overcoat or suit jacket when it’s not too hot outside.2.

Keep your makeup on your headKeep your makeup in place while you’re out and about.

St. Johns says to wear a wig and mascara while on the move, but avoid wearing too much on one side.

She recommends wearing mascara and mascara in the morning when it will be easier to apply and remove, and then a thin layer on the other side.

If you want, wear a few layers of foundation and a thin coat on top of it to keep everything in place.3.

Be careful not to sweatIn Vancouver, the humidity is at an all-time high.

St Johns says if you’re going to be outside all day and you want your hair to look good, you should wear a hat.

You can wear a mask to protect your face from the heat.

If it’s your first time, use a mask for your first few days.

For the longer haul, wear layers.

The bureau recommends wearing a long-sleeve, sleeveless shirt and pants to protect against the heat, and an undershirt or sweatshirt to wear while you work or school.4.

Wear sunscreenAlways wear sunscreen.

St John recommends using a sunscreen that’s at least three hours old, but a little goes a long way.

“There are so many different things you can do with sunscreen that are very inexpensive,” St. Johnston says.

“But it has to be water resistant.”

Wear it on the beach and in the pool, and avoid swimming in it.5.

Keep it simpleThe bureau recommends looking your part at the beach, and not wearing too many layers of clothing.

“Just wear one layer, put your hair in, and you’re done,” she says.

St Johnston also recommends keeping your hair short.

“Try to keep it to three to four inches,” she recommends.

“If you have a long ponytail, a loose ponytail or go to the beach in a long wig, you’ll look pretty hot in the sun.”6.

Wash your hairSt Johns says it’s important to wash your hair every three months.

“The longer you keep your beard, the more you can control it,” she adds.

“So wash your beard after every five to 10 minutes.

Washing your hair doesn’t mean you’re not using it.

But if you do, you don’t want to use it as a conditioner or styling product.”

If you want that moisture in your beard and don, just let it dry.

If not, you can use a conditioners and styling product,” she warns.7.

Wash the outsideIf you need to use a hairbrush outside, it’s always a good idea to wear one in the house.

You should always wash your brush with soap and water.

The hairspray will leave behind an oil-like substance.”

If the conditioners have oil on them, it’ll just make it clog them.”8. “

Use the conditioner on the outside to soften and even out the hairspirit, so it’s more even and smooth.

If the conditioners have oil on them, it’ll just make it clog them.”8.

Take care of your skinThis summer has been one of the most humid and hot in Vancouver history.

“For the first time in years, it gets really hot,” St John says.

If there’s humidity in your house, “make sure you’re taking care of yourself,” she advises.

Make a plan to stay hydrated, and wash your face and body in the shower or bathtub.

If your skin is too dry, try using a moisturizer like a deodorant or lotion.

“Be sure you wash it in the tub and not the sink, and don.

You want it to stay clean and soft.”9.

Stay dryKeep your hair on a straight, dry path.

“When it’s hot, your hair can get frizzy and your scalp can become red, so if you have really dry hair, it will become really flaky and it’ll stick,” St Johnston says, adding that dry hair also can get clumpy.

“Make sure you don,t have any frizz or it’ll become a lot more sticky.”10.

Stay hydratedWater can