Dress for what you love.

The best way to do that is to wear a dress that fits.

But there are plenty of great options out there, and you can find some inspiration on the internet.


Choose a dress to fit Your waist is one of the most important parts of your look.

Whether it’s your favourite shirt or jeans, a dress can’t just be for the office.

“The dress should be flattering and look stylish,” says Lisa, who runs an online fashion blog.

“You need to make sure it fits your body perfectly, it should be comfortable, and it should look nice.”


Choose something that is a staple This is a key element of a good dress.

You don’t want to be buying something that’s going to get in the way of the other things you want to wear, says Sarah, who works in IT.

“Your dress should make you feel like you belong to a family, not just a bunch of people wearing suits,” she says.

“It should be something that you want every single day.”


Choose your size A dress should fit you perfectly, says Lisa.

“A size 16 should fit me just fine, and a size 20 is just right for me,” she adds.

“Even a size 12 can fit well, but a size 16 is perfect.”

If you’re worried about the fit, there are a few things you can do to help make sure you get what you need.

1: Make sure your waist is correct When you’re shopping, try to look at the size of your dress when you pick it up.

If you can’t, you can try and get a measurement from your dressmaker or tailor.

“Make sure your measurements match the one on the dress, so you can see the measurements of the top and bottom of the dress,” says Sarah.

2: Make an appointment to get measurements for your dress Your dressmaker can do this for you.

“My tailor can do it on their website,” says Laura.

“They can send you a chart and you’ll get a custom size.”

3: Take the measurements If your measurements are different to what the dressmaker suggested, they can also send you measurements, but they won’t be able to send you the dress unless you give them permission.

“If I’m really worried about how my dress fits, I’ll try and find a tailor,” says Ms Sarah.

“Or I’ll go to my local department store and get my measurements.”

4: Measure your waist If you have any concerns about the dress fitting you, you’ll need to do a couple of things to ensure it’s fitting properly.

“Measure your waist on the outside of the garment to make certain it fits,” says Mr McLean.

“For me, I’d have a measurement of about 30 inches,” he says.

But if you’re unsure, make sure to get a professional to help you out.

“When I was shopping at a department store, I had to take measurements because the dress was not in my size,” says Linda.

“I went home and said, ‘I’ve got to change this dress, because my measurements are wrong.’

It was so embarrassing.”

5: Go shopping for the right size A good dress should last a lifetime, says Laura, but if you don’t plan on wearing it for a long time, try and buy something that fits the way you want.

“Don’t buy a dress you’ll never wear again,” says Mrs McLean, “because it’s too big and bulky for the way your body is.”

To find the right dress for you, it’s important to remember what size to wear it in.

“That’s really important because it means you’re going to wear the dress to your job, to your friends’ wedding, to the party, to a wedding party, and so on,” says Miss McLean