“She has always been the one who stood out,” his mother, Nicole, told The New York Times.

“I think she was the one that I was able to connect with in terms of being a ‘regular’ girl who wanted to be seen and wanted to have a normal life.

I’m grateful for that.”

Her character on the Netflix series, Zoey, was one of the first to fall under the spell of Sophia’s obsession with white, cocktail dress.

“When we first saw Zoey in the pilot, we had no idea that Sophia was obsessed with white dress,” her mom, Nicole Bush, told the Times.

The star was not the only celebrity to get Sophia into trouble.

“She’s not a super smart person, and she didn’t understand the importance of that,” said Nicole.

“But she knew what she wanted to do and what she was doing.

She knew she was going to get her way, and that’s what she did.”

The actress was reportedly a regular at a club in Los Angeles, where she “would get into fights, fight people, and then she’d just go home and cry.”

After her run on the show ended in 2018, Sophia went back to school and eventually landed a job as an assistant editor at BuzzFeed, her father said.

The network is currently airing the third season of her show, which she co-wrote.