This article is about the type of dress you wear to a wedding.

If you’re just getting started, here are a few more ideas to help you get started.

Dress in a simple or loose fabric such as cotton, linen, wool or a soft, breathable fabric like wool flannel.

You can choose from two styles, a casual dress and a formal dress.

For a casual style, choose a low-cut blouse or blazer with a high neckline, and a low neckline skirt.

For an formal style, a tailored dress or skirt with a low, high or mid-neckline.

For more ideas on dressmaking, check out this video.

Choose from a variety of fabrics to add sparkle.

Some of the fabrics include tulle, silk, tulle and satin.

The best option for a sparkle dress is a sheer silk blouse.

If a fabric is too stiff for your body type, try one of the many stretchy fabrics on the market.

Dress up or down, to match the mood of the event.

Dress down, or in a classic or relaxed dress, to add warmth and sparkle to the evening.

You could even dress up for the ceremony itself.

Choose a color that will match your dress or look flattering in any of your wedding dresses.