The best way to learn about a brand is by getting to know them personally, so it makes sense that a designer has developed a collection of stylish, yet affordable skater dresses to go with her fashion-forward lifestyle.

These are the strawberry dress by designer and fashion blogger Strawberry Dress.

The collection has a stunning range of dresses that come in a variety of colours and styles, including floral prints, sequins, prints, and more.

They’re priced from $25 to $65, depending on the colour, but the dresses can be bought individually for as little as $15 each.

We picked out some of our favourites to feature here.

The dress pictured here is made with a stretchy nylon fabric, which is lightweight yet soft enough to slip into almost any outfit.

It’s available in three colourways: black, white, and light pink, which make it the perfect colour for fall.

It comes with a matching white turtleneck sweater and black belt, as well as a matching black tank top.

The strawberry dress pictured above is a white t-shirt with a pink satin collar and a red bow.

The design has been inspired by the “golden age of American pop culture”, and it features a white, short sleeve t-neck with a soft, lace-up back.

It costs $35 and comes with two matching white tank tops, matching jeans, and matching sneakers.

You can also purchase the dress in a grey version for $25.

The colour-blocked strawberry dress with the sequins in it is a perfect way to dress up the season, and it’s made with the same stretchy material, but comes in several different colours to suit any occasion.

It goes on sale for $45.

It features a black tank, a black skirt, and a pink bow, as if you were dressing up in a princess gown.

This dress also comes with matching black shoes.

The sequins-free strawberry dress featured above is made of a lightweight stretchy fabric that doesn’t require a lot of dyeing, and comes in a range of colours, from black to yellow to pink.

The dress is available in a light pink version for just $30, and is a little more expensive than the strawberry dresses pictured above.

It is also available in two different shades of pink, from light pink to orange.

The red sequin dress pictured below is a pink, light pink turtlenecks, but it’s available as a white version for as low as $25 and comes complete with matching red shoes and matching pants.

The sequins also come in two shades of purple, which are the same as the sequin dresses featured above.

The purple sequin shirt by designer Strawberry Dress is made from a stretchable nylon fabric that is lightweight and soft, so the shirt can be worn all year round, and its colour can be picked out from a matching purple t-string.

It also comes in three colours: purple, yellow, and white.

The blue sequin t-dress by designer Strawberry Dress is a versatile dress that is perfect for everyday wear.

It has a simple, yet stylish design with a black and white bodice and sleeves, a simple white shirt and black skirt.

It will make a great choice for a summer wedding or a party dress.

The price is $40 for the black t-length and $55 for the white t shirt and skirt.

The shirt can also be bought in a different colour, from pink to blue.

You can also pick up a matching t-shirted dress from Strawberry Dress, which comes with the black shirt, and blue t-piece for $40 each.

The t-pieces can be matched to any shirt or skirt, as long as they’re not black or white.

The red sequins on the dress pictured right are the most affordable, and can be purchased individually for just over $20.

The colours of the sequines are pink, yellow and blue, and the price of the dress is $55.