Now Playing: The fashion revolution is turning your wedding dress into a fashion statement…source IGN title The Fashion Revolution Is Turning Your Wedding Dresses Into a Fashion Statement Source IGN title Fashion is changing how we dress in your wedding…source Forbes article Now Play: The Fashion revolution is transforming the way we dress and interact in our weddings…source The Verge article Now Watch: How to Create a Style Icon that Will Stand Out from the CrowdSource The Verge Now Playing The fashion industry is changing everything from wedding dresses to shoes.

We talked to the fashion industry’s leaders to find out what’s changing.

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Now Playing What to Do Before the Officiant Arrives to the Officiants Bridal ShoppeNow Playing How To Create Your First Style Icon and Build Your Brand Now Playing A Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Day Wedding DressNow Playing The Fashion Industry is Changing Everything from Wedding Dress to Shoes.

We Took a Look at What’s Changing Now