Black maternity dresses typically cost a lot more than white ones, according to a new report.

According to the study, white maternity outfits are on average more expensive than black one, while the latter typically have a higher price tag.

The study conducted by the British Consumer Foundation found that for a single item, the black maternity dress can be found for £17.49 in the UK, while a white one costs £22.90.

The report said that for the same item, a white dress would typically cost £27.95, whereas a black one would typically sell for £27,990.

The price difference between the two options can vary significantly depending on where you buy the items.

For example, a black dress could be found in a department store for around £25 while a black and white one could be worth around £33.

The same dress would likely be more expensive for the black one in a public store.

The report also found that the white maternity outfit can be worn in a variety of different ways, from simple blouses to elaborate gowns.

The average white maternity gown has two buttons, while white maternity blouses have three, while there are two different types of white blouses in black.

The study said that black blouses are more expensive, but it did not say which kind of white maternity pants were cheaper.

It also found the average price for a white blouse in a UK store is £9.90, while black ones are £16.70.