The world is full of black dresses, and Nordstrom is doing something special with its new black collection.

Nordstrom has been making black dresses since the mid-1990s, but the line was always a niche item in the world of fashion.

But with the release of the Black Diamond collection, the brand is taking the dress to the next level.

The collection includes a full-on black dress with a fitted bodice, which is styled in a high-waisted style and features a gold lace up back and a wide collar.

And while the dress is designed for everyday wear, there are plenty of options for men who want a little more flair.

It’s not the first black dress from the brand, but it’s the first time it has paired it with a suit and tie.

We are really excited to share this beautiful black dress and tie with you today, said Nordstrom fashion chief Stephanie Sizemore.

This black dress is so elegant, so it is just one piece that will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom.

This will be the most unique and special Black Diamond dress we have ever made.

The Black Diamond Dress is available in black, navy, red, gray, yellow and black.

In addition to the black dress that is the Black Crown Collection, there is a black leather dress with the word “Nord” in gold embroidery, a black floral dress with floral embroideries, a silk tie, a brown dress with matching sequins, and a black and white striped tie.

The tie is available only in black and gray.

Black Diamond is also selling a limited-edition black dress.

It’s called the Black Prince, and it comes with a black-and-white striped tie and matching sequin belts.

It is available exclusively at The Nordstrom Rack.

Nordskills’ latest Black Crown collection is available now at